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Preventing Water Pollution

Learn how our actions at home and in our community can affect water used in the home. This class will show you ways to conserve water using fun demonstrations and a short presentation. The instructor will provide materials and help you make your own bottle of household cleaner. This product is made of natural ingredients that are less harmful to water.

A Somali interpreter will be available during the class. ALL are welcome to attend!

Cost: Free

To register or to find out more about this class, contact Ahmed Yusuf at 612-290-9313.

2019 Water Summit: Bringing Science and Society

Relying solely on the science and technology behind our work doesn’t always lead to successful projects and programs. We often overlook the power of people. Knowing who to involve and when, as well as who is not involved and why, are critical pieces of the puzzle needed if we are to achieve our clean water goals. Continue reading

Bought an Irrigation System? Time to Audit!

Whether they’re motivated by environmental concerns or money, most people are interested in conserving water. Luckily, these two concerns go hand-in-hand; using less water protects our natural eco-systems from further resource depletion, ultimately reducing your water bill and decreasing the likelihood of getting busted by those pesky “water police” for using too much. These concerns are especially real to community managers of huge homeowners associations or commercial sites where millions of gallons of water are utilized each year. One of the main culprits, especially in Minnesota, is landscape irrigation. Fortunately, there’s a solution: a landscape irrigation audit. Continue reading