Smart Irrigation Month

Conserve water? Learn about water-saving technology? Save money on your water bill? Yes please! Join Water in Motion to celebrate the 13th annual Smart Irrigation Month and learn how you can do all three and more!

Sticky humidity and relentless sunshine – July has officially arrived and the dog days of summer are in full force. Just like cranking up the AC to stay cool, you may be tempted to use more water when it comes to your landscape this month. In fact, July is the peak month for water consumption – and a time where water waste is at its highest. Recognizing this, the Irrigation Association launched a campaign called Smart Irrigation Month back in 2005.

Emphasizing the value of water, promoting the benefits of efficient irrigation products, and encouraging industry professionals and the public to practice responsible water use are the main goals of this initiative. Another huge focus for this year’s Smart Irrigation Month is advocating for the EPA’s WaterSense program, which has helped consumers save a whopping 1.5 trillion gallons of water and over $32.6 billion in water and energy bills.

As part of this month-long campaign, the IA has provided all the tools to get the message clearly across. These include an advocacy package for federal lawmakers, engaging media resources for industry professionals, and as always, a few surprises along the way!

“With July as a top water-using month throughout much of the United States, we are excited to join with our members and partnering organizations to celebrate July as Smart Irrigation Month,” IA CEO Deborah Hamlin states, “I am excited to see all our industry has to offer to communicate the message of promoting efficient irrigation.”

Stay up to date with this incredibly important initiative by following us on our social media platforms. Water in Motion will be posting “Smart Ideas” with the hashtag #smartirrigationmonth throughout the entire month on how you can join the movement and conserve as much water as possible.