Water-Friendly Fall Lawn Care

Cooler temperatures, colorful leaves, and of course pumpkin spice lattes – fall has officially arrived in Minnesota! It’s the perfect time of year to plant new grass, aerate your soil, pull a few weeds, and take extra steps to ensure your landscape comes back healthy next spring.

Not only are these things good for your lawn, but your local water ways will also thank you! The dead leaves that cover your landscape are full of nutrients like nitrogen and phosphorous that kill fish, feed algae, and contaminate our waters with bacteria and toxins. As a result, it is extremely important to keep leaves and other yard waste away from stormdrains, which will ultimately protect our lakes, rivers, and streams. Continue reading

Preventing Water Pollution – Easier Than You Think

Homeowners these days have endless ways to manage stormwater runoff – raingardens, rain barrels, dry wells, native plants, and more! But hold on, what if you’re not a professional landscaper? Not to worry! Capturing and treating runoff has a very simple solution – redirect your downspout! Continue reading

Bought an Irrigation System? Time to Audit!

Whether they’re motivated by environmental concerns or money, most people are interested in conserving water. Luckily, these two concerns go hand-in-hand; using less water protects our natural eco-systems from further resource depletion, ultimately reducing your water bill and decreasing the likelihood of getting busted by those pesky “water police” for using too much. These concerns are especially real to community managers of huge homeowners associations or commercial sites where millions of gallons of water are utilized each year. One of the main culprits, especially in Minnesota, is landscape irrigation. Fortunately, there’s a solution: a landscape irrigation audit. Continue reading